Cosmetic dentistry - Aesthetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry involves dental procedures with the aim of improving the overall aesthetics of your smile. Often referred to as a “Hollywood smile”  or “Wedding smile”. A beautiful smile can have numerous knock on effects in an individual’s self-confidence, self-esteem and personal relationships. Common cosmetic dental procedures include teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, white fillings, orthodontics, gum reshaping and dental bridges.

Teeth Whitening

Our dental clinic offers 3 types of whitening techniques, these are the safest and most effective way to remove stains and discoloration from your teeth and bring back your healthy, white smile. In the first option we apply a mix of karbamid-peroxid gel on your discolored teeth, and lighten them with a plasma lamp. The process takes about 45 min., and you typically see results at your first appointment. Whitening can last 10 years depending on whether or not you smoke or consume staining foods like red wines. In the second option we use the same whitening material; the difference is that we are using an ultrasonic device which is cleaning the discolored teeth with small vibrations. The third option is our home kit, please ask our dentists about this option.


Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers, also called dental veneers, are very thin shells of porcelain that are bonded onto the front side of the teeth. This creates a cosmetic improvement for a tooth. Porcelain veneers are routinely used by our dentists as a way to make cosmetic changes for teeth that are discolored, worn, chipped, or misaligned.


Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are restorations that protect damaged, cracked or broken down teeth. A crown strengthens your existing damaged tooth so as to preserve its functionality. Dental crowns are also well known as caps because a crown sits over your existing tooth covering the entire outer surface analogous to how a heat would cover your head. Some crowns are made from full gold, whereas others are made from an alloy of metals fused with porcelain. After time, crowns that are made from a combination of metal fused to porcelain can begin to show dark gum lines that are not aesthetically attractive. Full porcelain or ceramic crowns are the best choice for a natural cosmetic look.


Dental Bridges

Dental bridges serve the same purpose as the dental crowns, but our dentists use this method especially when the existing teeth are week, and it is the best solution to restore the missing teeth that cannot be replaced with implants.


„New” Cercon Zirconium esthetic metal free technology for crowns and bridges

Cercon Zirconium is an innovative system for esthetic metal-free crowns and bridges. The reliability of Cercon Zirconium restorations is backed by more than five years of proven clinical success. The system is used to fabricate anterior or posterior single units or multi-unit bridge restorations out of translucent, biocompatible zirconium, the strongest and toughest dental ceramic. Cercon Zirconium restorations can be placed with conventional cementation or adhesive bonding techniques. Please let us know if this is the solution that you wish to have.


Composite filling

White fillings, also known as composite fillings, are highly aesthetic fillings made of tooth colored materials. White fillings can be used for bonding to improve your smile by changing the color, shape and size of a tooth, to fix a broken tooth invisibly; and to close spaces between the front teeth. White fillings can also be placed in back teeth where they can be used instead of gray amalgam fillings.

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