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Dr. László Breier

Master of Dental Implantology

My name is László Breier, I was born in 1961. I graduated in 1987 from Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Ignác Semmelweis. I have always been interested in dentistry as a profession. Even during my academic years I have treated patients. My main endeavours in my work are precision and rapidity. I started my own practice in 1987. In 1989 I became a Specialist in Dentistry and Stomatology, then in 2005 in Conservative Dentistry and Prosthodontics. I am proud to be one of the first 15 dentists in Hungary who successfully accomplished a Master Course in Oral Implantology at the University of Münster, Germany, in 2006

I consider it important to always be up-to-date in the latest methods of dentistry, therefore I always attend further training. I have been doing implantations since 1922. this is why I attended the courses of Bauer, Denti, Inimplant, Brenemark, Straumann, Ankylis and Zimmer Dental, but I prefer working woth ine of the most modern implantations, the Camlog, of whoch annual futher trainings I alwaxs attend. In connction woth implantation, I have also attended paradontal regeneration an osseo-integration (Bio Oss-Geistlich) courses.

Dr. Anna Breier


Dr.Endre Hunyár


My name is Dr. Endre Hunyár

I was born in 1970 in Budapest. I graduated is 2002 at the University of Medicine in Debresen. I have finished my residence education at teh semmelweis University of dentisrty of Budapest.

I have spent my residence time at Breier Dental clinic where I gaided my expreience and lerned the newest technology.
In 2003 and 2005 i successfully attended a complemeted dental courese and in 2004 and 2006 a cosmetic dentisrty courese.

I am more than happy to work at Breier Dental clnic where the atmosphere is fridendly, and the standards of a finiched work are high.

Dr. Gabriella Tóth

orthodontist specialist

My name is dr. Gabriella Tóth

I was born in 1972 in Esztergom. I graduated in 1996 from the Semmelweis University of dentistry in Budapest. In 1996 i successfully attended the tooth and mounth disaeses course, an in 2004 similarly finiched the course of orthodontia. Prior to thoes course i have spend 2 years of practice at the Semmelweis University fro children and orhodontia. I work for Breier Dental Clinic since I graduated, where I coul benefit from his huge experience up always to date with the newest technology, and I am learning every day something from his special abilites, preciseness and hige dedication for dentristry. Regulary i attend to futher courses and seminard to kepp myself up-to date with the newest technology and knowledge in order to give the best result for my patienst.

Working with the newest materialas and very well equipped surgeries, allows us to fonoch my work woth the highest quality. I am happy to be a part of surch a team like Breier Dental which in rapidly growing.

Dr. Tibor Palóczi


Dr. György Várnai


Dr. Zsuzsanna Tósa


Dental assistants, dental hygienists

Zita Czinkné Schuck

dental hygienist

Mária Simon

dental hygienist

Adrienn Szabó

dental hygienist


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